Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome Piccolo new Addition to the ElegantVienna family of apartments

This is our smallest apartment with 55m², 1 bedroom, sleeps 5.
Ideal for a couple or small family wanting to get the best of location and equipment at a budget price!!
It is located in the Kurrentgasse, like 5 of our other apartments.
Conctact us directly here
for the best price!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Secret tip for music lovers!

Just discovered yesterday a fantastic venue for classical music concerts. It is definitely off the beaten track and it gives you a chance to enjoy great music performed by wonderful professional musicians.
Vienna is the capital of classical music and thousands come here to study, to work, be part of an ensemble etc. So there are actually quite a few venues where these musicians perform, and who are not the Musikverein or the Konzerthaus. If you're after authenticity, go there.

Geselschaft für Musiktheater
Türkenstrasse 19, 2nd floor (with lift), 1090 Vienna

It's in the 9th district, very close to the first district and to the Freud museum.


You pay 25€ for a membership and then you can go to as many concerts as you like during one calendar month (1-31), without having to pay anything!! You can buy this membership just before the concert. Come about 15 minutes prior.

On the picture, Anastasios Strikos and Sophia Kyanidou , at the Geselschaft für Musiktheater on January 19, 2017, in a wonderful Lieder soirée.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Staying one year in Allegro

Michael and Susan stayed almost a full year in Allegro, and they were so kind as to send us this amazing experience account below.  Thank you Michael and Susan!

Our extended stay in one of Vienna’s most beautiful self-catering apartments has come to an end and into our suitcases we pack a collection of memories formed by sensory experiences over the past 11 months.

It feels exceptionally privileged to be woken up each morning by the small of freshly baked bread from the city’s oldest bakeries. In this apartment one can work up an appetite simply by opening one of the grandiose windows a little wider. The pace of life slows somewhat, adopting perhaps the gentle walk of the fiaker's horses as they continue on their way through the cobbled laneway at the corner. Although we never became tired of hearing their hooves pass by, that first realization of their close proximity generated indescribable contentment. The smell, the sound and the view onto one of Vienna’s most charming streets combine to create a magical sensory atmosphere.

Daily life in this beautiful place is full of surprises. We watched a string duo record a music video in the spring sunshine from our vantage point on the fourth floor. One Sunday afternoon our curiosity won out and led us down to the square at Judenplatz where we were mesmerized by a klezmer quartet who played simply for the pleasure of all who were fortunate to hear. On a May evening our dinner music was provided by an entire brass band who performed outside the neighboring restaurant. What a thrill that was!

Eating in is a pleasant experience given the fact that the apartment is so close to two of the most enticing supermarkets I have ever encountered. For a special treat simply walk a few paces to any number of good restaurants. The problem is which one to choose; make sure to take a stroll beforehand in order to take in the variety and number of premises available in this fashionable district. You might opt to try a main course in one place and move on to another for dessert, or skip down to the renowned ice cream shop and watch the people who know their ice cream wait in line for a real treat.

Christian is a charismatic and supremely organized host. He will listen carefully to your questions, provide clear and accurate answers, impress you with his knowledge of all things Viennese and make your stay in Vienna a memorable one. Like us, you will leave with wonderful memories. Bring a large suitcase :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Interactive maps

We just finished compiling a few maps to highlight the extraordinary location of our apartments and also to provide information for our guests both as they prepare their stay in Vienna and as a quick reference when they are here.
Check them and let us know what you think!

Grocery stores, bakeries, fitess center, pharmacies..

Nearby attractions; to give you a clue, the Naschmarkt which is one of the furthermost attractions of the 48 featured on this map, is just a 19-minute walk from our apartments!!!!

Guests often inquire about the access of the apartments from the airport, train stations or with a car. Here is the map with main access points.

Let us know if you like them and we'll make more!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beautiful photos of you and your loved ones in Vienna

We have partnered with the amazing Dina Lee, a talented professional photographer who regularly uses our apartments for photo shootings with her customers (check the blog posts below).

We now offer special packages for our guests, but also for other travelers staying in Vienna, to have their picture taken in the apartment they are staying and/or on location!

We offer two formats:

1/ The Full Package:
-  a 2-hour photo session
- an online gallery of 20 beautifully edited images- you also receive the corresponding HD Jpeg files
- 6 prints of your choice: 2 large (24x30cm) and 4 medium (13x18cm), worldwide shipping
- turnaround time: 10 days

Price: 340€ for our guests, sponsored by ElegantVienna (390€ for travelers not staying with ElegantVienna)

Extras: Hair&Makeup: for women 50€, for Men/Children 25€ per person

2/ The Mini Session:
- 30-minute photo session
-  12 HD Jpeg photo files which you can publish on your social media pages, print on your printer etc
- Turnaround: 4 days

Price: 180€ for our guests, sponsored by ElegantVienna (210€ for travellers not staying with ElegantVienna)

Payment via credit card or cash.

Check her stunningly beautiful art on her website:
or on her Facebook page:
Dina will be happy to answer all of your questions, discuss your ideal shooting with you and can also give you a quote for your dream session if it is not covered by our two standard products above.

Contact her directly here:

Who wants a shooting? a present for your significant other, 3-generation families staying in our larger apartments: give your children and grand children pictures of you with them that they will cherish for ever, friends living all over the world meeting in Vienna.

Dina Lee, Photographer

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dina Lee did it again: beautiful photos taken in Sonata

The three ladies pictured are photographers themselves and they specialize in photographs of newborns and their families. You can see their work here:

We are happy to have photographers using our apartments as a setting for beautiful photography. This is a consecration of the care we take in decorating them.

Dina Lee is an exceptional photographer, check her website and be amazed:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Professional photographer uses Concerto as setting!!

Dina Lee, Vienna-based photographer, booked Concerto, and her clients from Italy stayed for 3 nights; Concerto was the perfect location for the shooting of a new lingerie collection!!

Check all the amazing photos and lingerie on the website of the designers:
As far as I can tell all photos in this website have been taken in Concerto.
The designers and models in Concerto
And here is my beautiful friend and talented photographer Dina Lee. Many amazing photos on her website
I particularly love how natural her pictures look, as well as the fact that her portraits show the natural beauty of the model.
Din Lee, Photographer
 See you again soon for more great photos in our apartments Dina!