Monday, July 18, 2016

Staying one year in Allegro

Michael and Susan stayed almost a full year in Allegro, and they were so kind as to send us this amazing experience account below.  Thank you Michael and Susan!

Our extended stay in one of Vienna’s most beautiful self-catering apartments has come to an end and into our suitcases we pack a collection of memories formed by sensory experiences over the past 11 months.

It feels exceptionally privileged to be woken up each morning by the small of freshly baked bread from the city’s oldest bakeries. In this apartment one can work up an appetite simply by opening one of the grandiose windows a little wider. The pace of life slows somewhat, adopting perhaps the gentle walk of the fiaker's horses as they continue on their way through the cobbled laneway at the corner. Although we never became tired of hearing their hooves pass by, that first realization of their close proximity generated indescribable contentment. The smell, the sound and the view onto one of Vienna’s most charming streets combine to create a magical sensory atmosphere.

Daily life in this beautiful place is full of surprises. We watched a string duo record a music video in the spring sunshine from our vantage point on the fourth floor. One Sunday afternoon our curiosity won out and led us down to the square at Judenplatz where we were mesmerized by a klezmer quartet who played simply for the pleasure of all who were fortunate to hear. On a May evening our dinner music was provided by an entire brass band who performed outside the neighboring restaurant. What a thrill that was!

Eating in is a pleasant experience given the fact that the apartment is so close to two of the most enticing supermarkets I have ever encountered. For a special treat simply walk a few paces to any number of good restaurants. The problem is which one to choose; make sure to take a stroll beforehand in order to take in the variety and number of premises available in this fashionable district. You might opt to try a main course in one place and move on to another for dessert, or skip down to the renowned ice cream shop and watch the people who know their ice cream wait in line for a real treat.

Christian is a charismatic and supremely organized host. He will listen carefully to your questions, provide clear and accurate answers, impress you with his knowledge of all things Viennese and make your stay in Vienna a memorable one. Like us, you will leave with wonderful memories. Bring a large suitcase :)

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