Friday, January 20, 2017

Secret tip for music lovers!

Just discovered yesterday a fantastic venue for classical music concerts. It is definitely off the beaten track and it gives you a chance to enjoy great music performed by wonderful professional musicians.
Vienna is the capital of classical music and thousands come here to study, to work, be part of an ensemble etc. So there are actually quite a few venues where these musicians perform, and who are not the Musikverein or the Konzerthaus. If you're after authenticity, go there.

Geselschaft für Musiktheater
Türkenstrasse 19, 2nd floor (with lift), 1090 Vienna

It's in the 9th district, very close to the first district and to the Freud museum.


You pay 25€ for a membership and then you can go to as many concerts as you like during one calendar month (1-31), without having to pay anything!! You can buy this membership just before the concert. Come about 15 minutes prior.

On the picture, Anastasios Strikos and Sophia Kyanidou , at the Geselschaft für Musiktheater on January 19, 2017, in a wonderful Lieder soirée.