Saturday, October 12, 2013

The new star in our line: Musette

It's name is Musette.
It is 67m² (720 sq.ft.). It is cute:-)
It is ElegantVienna's new apartment.
It has one bedroom as well as sleeping opportunities in the living room. It will sleep up to 7 persons in 4 separate beds (3 doubles+1 single).
It is on the same floor as Sonata and Concerto (needless to say, in the same building!).
It is going to be at a lower price point than Sonata. We aim to seduce 2 kinds of travellers (on top of all the others who usually book our apartments :-): larger groups/families on a budget who still want to enjoy the best and couples/small groups who wish to stay for a longer time (3 to 6 weeks). The lower price point should help with that.

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